Sunday, 24 August 2014

J.a.r.v.i.s about  artificial intelligence software(smart speech recognition system) . It is a software such make interaction with computer easy just like our vertual assistant.The name J.a.r.v.i.s. mean just a rather very intelligent  system.
Have you ever talked to your computer? I mean, have you really, really talked to your computer? Where it actually recognized what you said and then did something as a result? If you have, then you've used a technology known as speech recognition.
Designing a machine that understand human behavior, particularly the capability of speaking naturally and responding properly to spoken language, has intrigued engineers and scientists for centuries. Today speech technologies are commercially available for a limited but interesting range of tasks. These technologies enable machines to respond correctly and reliably to human voices, and provide useful and valuable services. While we are still far from having a machine that converses with humans on any topic like another human, many important scientific and technological advances have taken place, bringing us closer to the machines that recognize and understand fluently spoken speech.
“Speech Recognition Simply is the process of converting spoken input to text. Speech recognition is thus sometimes referred to as speech-to-text. Speech recognition, also referred to as voice recognition, is software technology that lets the user control computer functions and dictate text by voice. For example, a person can move the mouse cursor with a voice command, such as “mouse up;” control application functions, such as opening up a file menu; or create documents, such as letters or reports or start media player by saying “Music”.

jarvis Speech Processing:
 Signal processing:
Convert the audio wave into a sequence of feature vectors
Speech recognition:
Decode the sequence of feature vectors into a sequence of words
Semantic interpretation:
Determine the meaning of the recognized words
Dialog Management:
Correct errors and help get the task done
Response Generation 

What words to use to maximize user understanding
Speech synthesis (Text to Speech):
Generate synthetic speech from a ‘marked-up’ word string

What you can do with Speech Recognition??

dictation, information retrieval
Command and control
data entry, device control, navigation, call routing
Information access
airline schedules, stock quotes, directory assistance
Problem solving
travel planning, logistics

    you can operate you computer using this software you don't need to use keyboard and mouse.